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. that photo there. the justice department says the 45-year-old elvis impersonator sent letters laced with ricin to obama and mississippi senator roger wicker. it turns out wicker and curtis have met before. the senator hired curtis for a wedding and says he was quite entertaining. >> a bomb just went off inside here. it's pretty bad. we got a lot of firemen down. >> turning back now to the fertilizer plant explosion in texas, the first responders to that disaster were the volunteer firefighters. and as kpix 5's len ramirez shows us, the bay area depends on volunteers, as we len. >> reporter: that's right, allen. you know, small rural volunteer fire departments like this one on the outskirts of san jose are all over the country. they are staffed by men and women who don't receive a paycheck but don't hesitate when the call for service comes. >>> reporter: are members of the spring valley volunteer fire department's first-ever training academy going through their final exams. >> these guys put their hearts and souls into being a volunteer. it's not just like a hobby. it's something the
obama indicate the presence of the poison ricin. three questionable packages will be sent to senate office buildings in the last 24 hours and numerous reports of suspicious letters one in michigan, one in arizona and two suspicious letter sent the phoenix office of u.s. senator jeff flake. parts of the building were evacuated but the letters are of no threat. this round of scares comes after two others this week. the suspicious letter a dressed to president obama was found at the same facility where a letter to senator roger wicker was found yesterday, a processing facility in suburban maryland where congressional mail is tested before going to the capital. an employee noticed a white substance on the letter and hazmat team was seen pulling up to the building. initial field tests for ricin showed mixed results. no one at the facility became ill. >> when preliminary tests are done, secondary -- and i suppose tertiary tests are made because of the need for accuracy and to be sure about what the substances might be. >> reporter: in a bulletin obtained by the "associated press" the fbi
. and they are saying that at least preliminarily a letter that was sent to president obama and received on tuesday at an offsite mail facility has tested positive for ricin. when mail goes to the white house, it doesn't actually go to the white house first. it does go to an offsite facility. this is the same case with capitol hill. keep in mind and i know our joe johns has been reminding us of this, there are people that have to process it. and obviously ricin is a very dangerous substance. so there's certainly concern there about the people who had to process this, but this was intercepted on tuesday. and the big question now is, is there a connection here between this letter, this one letter and the other letter sent to senator wicker and the bombings that happened in boston on monday? it certainly is remarkable timing and really makes you question that. jay carney, the white house press secretary was asked about this during a briefing a short time ago. and he wouldn't rule out that there was a connection. i think the reason a lot of people are asking is the bombings happened about 3:00 p.m. on
poisoned with iricin, which wer sent to president obama and senator roger wicker. eamon javers has the latest on the ricin scare. >> reporter: we've had a flurry of suspicious package incidents in washington here today. earlier today, the hallway right behind me here in the russell senate office building was actually closed off and a bomb squad moved in to investigate a suspicious package that was there. also, staffers received an e-mail alert, not to go anywhere near the third floor of the hart senate office earlier today because of a suspicious package incident over there. some members of congress reporting suspicious letters, including senator carl levin, who said that a letter was delivered to his saginaw, michigan, office. he said in a statement a minute ago that a staffer there has been sent to the hospital on a precautionary basis. that staffer hasn't developed any symptoms of ricin poisoning. and then, of course, over at the white house today, they said they had a suspicious package incident of their own as well. here's press secretary jay carney earlier today. >> there was
that we just learned about, we also have additional news on the ricin-laced letter sent to president obama and some senators. the man charged may appear in court tonight. sue, you do you know more on this story? >> pete williams is reporting that they have made this arrest of suspect.story? >> pete williams is reporting that they have made this arrest of suspect. they may have him in court later. we believe he's from tupelo, mississippi. we're not sure on his name. but pete williams reporting that story and of course cnbc will have all the details for you on that 8:00 p.m. news conference as well as this late breaking development in the ricin letters. >> thanks very much. now, president obama's gun control agenda was dealt devastating blow today. 54 senators including five democrats voted to defeat a proposal to expand background checks. >> a main setback for those in favor of heightening the rules. expanding gun background checks failed to win over the senate. it was a plan put together by senator joe manchin and pat toomey. it needed 60 votes to move ahead and it got only 54. president o
letters sent to a senator, roger wicker from mississippi, and president obama. >>> plus, we're awaiting a news conference out of texas on the murders of a district attorney, his wife, and another prosecutor that could be a major development in the case. that's all coming up right" next. lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> welcome back to cnn's continuing coverage of the boston terrorist attacks and, of course, the explosions in texas. i'm jake tapper along with erin burnett. quick update on other news developing at this hour. first, the suspicious letters sent to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi. lab results are due any moment to confirm whether or not they were contaminated with the deadly poison ricin. initial tests showed that they were. police believe they have the man who sent the letters in custody. they charged paul kevin curtis with threats against the president a short time ago. curtis was arrested at his home in missis
. >>> developing news, investigators have arrested a mississippi man in the case of tainted letters sent to president obama and a u.s. senator. police say that both letters tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. they were signed, i am kc, and i approve this message. they have been traced to a man near tupelo, mississippi. the letters were intercepted yesterday before they could reach their intended targets. >>> there was a measure that failed for more strict background checks for gun control. it was opposed by the national rifle association. the president blasted congress for killing the bill calling it a shameful day for washington. >> there were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't do this. it came down to politics. the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. and so they caved to the pressure. and they started looking for an excuse, any excuse, to vote no. >> the president pinned the blame on a small minority of republican senators. however, five democrats also opposed the plan. >>> the wife of a former texas justice of the p
, monuments are under extra guard and there is a red alert. in rome, where the premiere sent a message to president obama condemning what he called the cowardly bombings in america. in rio de janeiro, where they're getting ready for the him glikes 2016, cracking down on anyone who looks out of place today. police seemingly everywhere in new york city. extra security for the dodgers game in los angeles in washington in las vegas, atlanta, chicago, no matter where you look, cities and the whole country is on the lookout, here, and there, and we got you covered everywhere. with amy kellogg in a nervous london, and eric in times square, and sheryl outside fortress wall street, and rick leventhal in an anxious boston. we start with rick. >> a number of developments this afternoon, including a boston globe report that investigators found a circuit board believed to have triggered the bombs. they were made with pressure cookers, a style of explosive device found in afghanistan and pakistan. we learned that the saudi national who was tackled running from the scene, whose apartment was searched
to the senate and a suspicious letter sent to president obama. >> reporter: we're live at san jose international airport where construction of a new terminal is expected to begin soon. we'll tell you what that has to do with google. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> welcome back. a family in hayward who lived in this house, escaped an early- morning house fire just an hour ago. the fire engulfed the family car and then spread to the garage. the man who was already upper why i getting ready -- up getting ready for work was able to get his family out of the house. >>> the u.s. senate scheduled to vote on new legislation to expand background checks for gun buyers. we don't know if supporters of the bill have the 60
to the hos 120 of them have been sent home to continue recovery. >>ere a michelle obama visiting1-year-old aaron hern. his family e mailed thus photo. he was waiting at the finish line to watch his mother cross it when he was severely injured in monday's bombings. his mom tells us her son is dramatically improving. he suffered a deep thigh wound and other injuries. he's now breathing on his own and neck brace and breathing tube have been removed. she says they're looking forward to getting him into therapy. several local fund-raisers are taking place for the family in martinez swrechl a full list on our web site. >> and one way to show your support is to share this get well soon badge on your facebook page by going to our page. >> adidas selling these tee shirts to honor the vips. both have boston stands as one written on them. all proceed goes to the one fund a boston charity created by the mayor and governor to help victims of monday's attack. >> now latest developments out of texas. usa today is reporting the mayor of west texas told them as many as 35 people died from that massive
who sent the poisoned letters to president obama and the two senators has been arrested. "new york times" reporting this, cbs, cnn is also reporting it, so you never know. no, to be fair, he really has been arrested. apparently it's a guy from mississippi, and that might explain why he sent it to roger wicker, who is from mississippi. he's just been arrested. it doesn't mean he has been convicted. we'll find out through our justice system whether it really is him or not. i've got the panel here. i've got shana and hermela aregawi, jayar jackson. we're going to talk about the dumbest congressman in america louie ghomert. i've been saying this for a long time, and every time he comes back and proves me right. he's talking about boston bombing. >> we owe it to the immigrants who came in legally to make sure they're safe as well. we know that al-qaeda has camps with the drug cartel on the other side of the mexican border. we know people have been trained to act like they're hispanic when they're radical islamists. we know this is happening and it's insane not to protect yourself and ma
containing a white granular substance were sent to mississippi senator roger wicker and to president obama. two rounds of preliminary tests suggest the letters contain ricin, a poison than originates in castor beans. however, definitive tests on the letters are still being conducted. white house spokesman jay carney said the president was never in danger. >> materials that are suspicious or substances that are found to be suspicious at remote locations are then sent for secondary and more intense testing, and that process is under way now. >> reporter: the f.b.i., after reviewing the letters, says for now there is no indication of a connection to the attack in boston. the letters were mailed from memphis, tennessee, last week on april 8 and seemed to have come from one individual who wrote this: >> reporter: because the other reason that the f.b.i. sees no connection to boston is a matter of timing. kenneth curtis of tupelo, mississippi, has been taken into custody and charged with sending the letters. the f.b.i. believes curtis has sent over letters with similar content to other members o
for the mailings of the three letters sent through the u.s. postal inspection service which contained a granular substance that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. the letters were addressed to president obama, senator rodger wicker and a judge in that state. they are likely sent from a writer who is a frequent writer to federal officials. two letters were quite similar. both letters determined to be similar based on targets, post marks and et cetera. both are postmarked out of memphis, tennessee on april 8, 2013. both letters signed, quote, i am k. c. and i approve this message." at the white house here is jay carney's take. >> there was a letter. the off-site facility feeted a suspicious substance and a test was undertaken. the fbi has the lead this that investigation. >> with lawmakers and law enforcement on edge, multiple senate offices had reports of suspicious mail today, including this phoenix, senator jeff flake from arizona. >> there was no harmful substance on the letter, but the letter with ricin was sent from tennessee to senator wicker. this letter came from tennessee with no r
. you didn't know the person who sent them hi, peter this is barack obama. that may be jarring. may freak you out. is it just different or is it really a concern about invading your life. >> give me a program i might not expect to see political ads aired on. >> judge judy and all over the place. >> did you have a way of testing whether or not the optimizer was working. >> if you are define success of we won the election or how did the optimizer specifically do it the only thing i can look at it is we got more impressions, we had larger audience and we paid less for it because we were willing to buy things in untraditional places. >> at one point during the campaign they were running shows on 60 different cable stations where as romney campaign was running shows on 15 different cable stations. >> patrick is a republican consultant who has been preaching to his party for years about political data. >> is one side doing better than the other? >> i don't think it's a question of being behind but question of being on two different planets. >> that's an extreme view but right. >> karl rov
of mississippi. he sent the letters to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker. they were intercepted at a mail processing facility after tests indicated the presence of the deadly poison. the letters are undergoing additional testing. >> north korea threatening "sledgehammer blows" to the u.s. and south korea unless a list of demands are met. it will only sit down to talk if u.n. sanctions lifted. and the u.s. must stop military drills in south korea and apologize. south korea calls the demands preposterous. back to you, john, in boston. >> thank you, christine that is all for "starting point." stay with cnn for continuing coverage of all today's events, fertilizer plant explosion in west texas, of course. the latest from there, and stay with us for special live coverage of the interfaith prayer service in boston. that begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. "newsroom" continues with special coverage right now. omer? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immed
. it is a facility not near the white house, all mail sent to president obama is screened there, and this is the second ricin-laced envelope found in as many days. yesterday, investigators at another screening facility intercepted a suspicious letter mailed to republican senator roger wicker and now there are other lawmakers coming forward and reporting, quote, suspicious items that they have received that are being evaluated at this moment. mike emanuel on capitol hill with the latest. >> hi, megyn, yeah, it's important to note that the two suspicious letters tested for ricin did not get anywhere close to the white house or the capital complex. they were screened at off-site facilities so the tests continue and law enforcement sources say they have a person of interest. at the white house, spokesman jay carney says that president obama has been briefed twice on the suspicious letters and offered this update a short time ago. >> the fbi has the lead for determining whether a suspicious powder is a dangerous substance such as ricin and those take place at accredited facilities an
about a security scare involving the poisonous substance risen that might have been sent to president obama and a senator. a father of four has been arrested. pierre thomas is here with the latest. pierre? >> reporter: good morning. a suspect identified as paul kevin curtis was arrested at his home in mississippi. the fbi says he's the man who tried to send two potentially poisonous letters to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker. we're waiting final test results on whether the letters actually contained risen, a deadly poison made from beans. he describes himself on his facebook page as a karate enthusiast and elvis impersonator. he's facing serious charges. >>> during a public relations nightmare for months carnival cruise lines is spending $30 million ang improvements, an extra generator and upgrading fire safety systems. it follows a debacle in february when thousands of passengers were stranded in the gulf of mexico with no working bathrooms. finally, a high school baseball team beat an opponent 65-0. in a game that was called after three innings. >> no! >> yes. t
. his name is paul kevin kurt tis, and the feds say he sent a letter with the his sign to president obama and another letter to the republican senator from mississippi, roger wicker. the mail set off alarms at a screening facility. never came close to the white house or capitol hill. but a season source is telling fox news the substance in the letters is absolutely, unequivocally, ricin. police and neighbors describing the guy as a paranoid loner who thought the government was out to get him, trying to ruin his reputation. as for the body part conspiracy there was word he was deeply disturbed from his time working in a hospital. both letters saying, quote to see a wrong and not disclose is it is to become a partner to its continuance. it ended, i am kc and i approve this message. john roberts is live in mississippi. what can we say about this now today, john? >> we're learning all kinds of things about this fella and the possibility as well learned in court, overhearing conversation between the u.s. attorney and the judge there may be -- not confirmed -- a fourth letter out there so
to say i would never be involved in that. according to the charging documents. he sent three letters laced with riciner. one to president obama and senatoric wicker . the judge. >> it was handled by the judge and several deputy curts and employees of the court. >> in fact her son said the judge opened it and raised it to the noise and sniffed the powder. she is doing fine. she refuse to go to the doctor. what drove kevin curtis to carry out the attacks. he is an musician and elvis impersonator who senator wicker hire him for a couple about to get married. he d contract janitorial work. for years he tried to convince people of the conspiracy sending letters. the medical center banned him for the property. curtis began to unravele. on his facebook page. i am on the hidden front hines of a secret war and my brothers fear me and sister hate me and they burned down my home and killed my dogs and, my cat and my rabbit. in an on line claimm. curtis writes everything that is happening since 2000 is because i found dismembered body parts and being terminated from the largest employer in the s
are not. agassi will find out at 5:00. possibly. also, the letters sent to u.s. senator roger wicker and president obama containing boys in, the fbi does say that those letters did contain an deadly substance. officials said emplaced paul kagan curtis under arrest doing district court today. maximum penalty for this one, said the justice department, 15 years, a half million dollar fine if convicted. back to you. liz: you want to let our viewers know that when that fbi briefing does happen at the top of the 5:00 p.m. eastern hour, we will take it live. don't worry. the second they get to the podium if it does happen, remember, a couple of canceled. we will have that for you. this is an important story of great interest. we understand and will have it. closing bell ringing in about 51 minutes the. a fox business exclusive. big technology company if the stock is up 21% just since the start of this year. providing memory chips for hundreds of products. remember, you may have had a memory card in your camera. this is a quarter to remember that because of that product, but because of a tot
the secretary. the queen sent a personal message to president obama. they haven't told us what's in that. certainly a real sense of sympathy coming from here, the uk, to what we've seen unfold in the u.s. >> max, of course, as we said before, the london marathon this weekend. there's been statements made about security, obviously that would be a concern. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. the head of the london marathon, which is on sunday, came out almost straightaway saying, this event will still carry on. some people think that was too sudden. but it was a sign of defiance and that's been reflected in the runners today as well saying, we are more determined to run in the race on sunday in solidarity for boston. interesting, a real campaign kicked off today on twitter. it qualified hands on hearts, a campaign to get runners as they cross the finish line on sunday to put their hands across the heart in solidarity for boston. you'll see a lot of that on sunday. we just heard from the metropolitan police commissioner, head of the dlon police, saying there will be i
with "a substance." >> stephanie: sent to president obama. >> he's fine. >> good thing the president doesn't open his own mail. >> stephanie: first letter. sent to the first senator. you have to inject it. who opens a letter and say i think i will inject -- >> ingest it. >> stephanie: same thing. who goes what's this? >> you could be opening it up and lick your finger. it could be very dangerous. >> stephanie: there's no antidote. >> right. once you ingest it, it is curtains. >> curtains, i tell ya, curtains. >> stephanie: 1940s film, curtains for you. >> you have an amish doctor. >> electrical devices will not be allowed in here. we have bloodletting to do. >> and a barn raising to go to. >> stephanie: don't scary the leeches. there was a second letter then the third one. breaking news this morning to the president. all right, hal, we were talking about boston. you were saying you can't help -- we were saying in a 24 hour news cycle you don't want to be irresponsible. there is the internet, social media. of course, people are speculating. >> i love how alex jones -- one of his short leash
u.s. aid is on the way to syria. president obama cleared $10 million in nonlethal assistance adding to the hundreds of millions promised or already sent. during meetings in london, syrian opposition leaders pressed john kerry for arms. but as one of the key rebel groups pledges its allegiance and alliance to al qaeda, there are real concerns about where the equipment is going and in whose hands it could end up in. still on a hearing in capitol hill, senators on both sides of the aisle called for providing lethal military aid as the civil war shows no signs of slowing. >>> the gun control debate is officially on the u.s. senate floor. 16 republicans joined 50 democrats and two independents in voting to allow the debate to begin. proposals will include expanded background checks on gun sales and strengthen mental health and school safety programs. some families of the victims of the newtown tragedy have mixed feelings the vote. >> i was very pleased with how many yeses we did have and happy we were able to get this passed but i was still completely shocked that there were so many that
. they say this has completely gotten out of hand. >>> meanwhile, president obama hopes the budget achieves the primary goal of breaking the fiscal deadlock we have been seeing in washington and he calls the proposal he sent to congress a fiscally responsible blueprint to getting america back on track. why the plan is seeing support from both sides of the aisle, house republicans are dismissing it as what they call a blank check. for more spending and more debt. joining us now is bob, happy sunday morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> jamie: this is the talk everywhere that maybe we're getting closer to both sides getting together on the budget. is this the most motivated you have seen the president? >> it is. this is different from previous budgets because it includes social security reform that the republicans want. the g.o.p. says the president needs to go much further. but the fact that the president is reaching out, to republicans on capital hill, something that you didn't see in the first term. met with different groups for dinner on two occasions. the republicans come out of
someone. >> no word on what was inside of of particular bit of mail sent to president obama. we're hoping we will get something from the white house momentarily as we continue to monitor the live shot from the white house this morning. we will let you know when we find out anything new regarding a suspicious package to the present intercepted by secret service. >> they are investigating. a quick update with weather. ashley let us go to traffi first george. let us go to traffic first. the george. we're getting a word of th traffic been stalled on oakland zero rel.. a gas leak has been identified the result of a construction crew were in the area most likely. the street has been closed down elcamino shutdown between third and fourth. in san mateo. >> that is a very popular arterial and commute route as well as a business group. this could create a snack there is an area to avoid. if you normally drives el camino through san mateo, think about using the freeway. interstate 280 or you as 101. >> shut down between third and fourth in downtown san mateo because of a report of a gas leak. >> loo
traces of ricin poison have been sent to washington one mailed tout president obama and others to some snores. the letters were intercepted. since september 11th all mail going into elected officials in washington, d.c. is screened. we know identities of three people killed in the bombing. they are 8-year-old martin richard a third grader from dorchester. 29-year-old crystal campbell a restaurant manager from medford, massachusetts. and lingzi lu. 13 other people have had limbs amputated and a number of the casualties remain in serious condition. now, please keep all that have in mind while digesting the following. some media people are exploiting the terrorist attacks. others speculating in an irresponsible way. there are some examples. >> the real patriots' day is april 19th. the date that counts for people on the right in the united states. as it happens massachusetts celebrates patriot day on the third monday of every other month. >> let me ask you about domestic terrorism. they tend to be on the far right. do they advertise it? do they try to get credit as a group? hate america so
sent to president obama tested positive for ricin in a preliminary check yesterday and then another letter with the same deadly poison had been sent to a u.s. senator. >> did you hear he was an elvis impersonator? >> this guy? >> yes. >> i heard that. >> letters sent from right where graceland was. >> that doesn't narrow it down. did you know i was accosted in times square. >> but an elvis impersonator? >> yes, yes. >> yesterday? >> no. but after the elmo -- i've been accosted by elmo. >> but they show how many different freaks there are down there. i didn't put two and two together. this was two months ago or something. right to my right, i turned and there was this guy on full on elvis regale ya. i started it, i guess. i made some comment that there's so little in your life that -- >> and then what happened? >> he said something back to me about you have so little -- it was a pretty good comeback. hehe was not just a nice elvis impersonator. he was someone there that was object northboundus and was there to earn a living and had been used to insults and stuff like that. >> if you
capacity ammunition clips. >> new details on the ricin letter sent to president obama. as an official says the lab tests confirmed the letter's into mississippi senator roger wicker did contain the deadly substance rycin . and that more tests are expected. meantime, an arrest is made in the case. federal agents arrested 45 year-old paul kevin curtis of mississippi. he is now being charged with threatening the life of the president. the senators' letter, along with the president's letter, were both postmarked memphis, tenn. april 8th. but were intercepted at screening facilities. >> a federal appeals court in san francisco is debating the legality of the state to ban on use their be based on their sexual orientation. yesterday's, a three judge panel questioned lawyers on both sides of the issue. if they ask whether the license mental-health professionals to offer sexual orientation there be all protected by free-speech rights. the judges also asked whether the medical treatment can be regulated by the government. the bay and being put on hold until the appeals court decides the case. >> san
letters, one sent to senator wicker the other to president obama, each containing the same writing, each tainted with the deadly toxin ricin, both being tested in the army's biowarfare lab in ft. dietrich. john, what are you hearing? >> the justice department confirming an arrest of an individual in this investigation. so far, no charges filed to our knowledge. justice department has listed no charges as yet. pending testing of the substance in the envelopes. the justice department says curtis is believed responsible for mailing three letters that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. the letters were addressed to roger wicker as well as the white house, and a mississippi justice official. that mississippi official has been identified by a family member. and the clairian ledgee it's not clear why that judge was targeted. all three letters contained threatening messages, to the white house and senator wicker were identical. they said, to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. inside i am k.c. and i approve this message. the other message contain
] convocation hall where u.s. president barack obama spoke last year can be painted. a superstitious government has kept it mainly bear. -- bare. >> a quick look at some other world news. a volcano in mexico has sent a dense cloud of ash over the central state of puebla. about one million people live within the radius of the volcano. it has been spewing ash almost daily since 1994. first woman to undergo a womb transplant is now pregnant according to the hospital where she had the transplant. she has been getting in vitro fertilization since then. is leaving fort a trip to three african nations, including the world's fourth largest ukrainian producer. he will also visit but name and ghana -- benin and ghana. money, some say it makes the world go round. might be debatable. money or the lack of it is something people all around the world have in common. we have reports on how people are struggling to make ends meet. afghanistan's official unemployment is around 8%. although that number is difficult to verify -- they have tried to hire locally. more than 100,000 jobs were created. those jobs may n
and ultimately sent to president obama to sign. [cheers and applause] now let me close by saying terror cell opponent to the idea of immigration reform and we must join together. [speaking in spanish] >> thank you, senator has. he mentioned the house of representatives. it's now more than a great honor i had to introduce to you a congressman who has marched, who's got arrested, who has rallied, who has put the walk behind the talk. senator luis gutierrez is our leader in the house. he is to chair the task force on immigration for both the democratic caucus in the house congressional hispanic caucus in acres about immigration reform for all americans. i gave the representative luis gutierrez. [cheers and applause] >> to time in this? the this? we have congressmen rate here with ice. get a round of applause. [cheers and applause] congresswomen napolitano. [applause] congressmen hinojosa. [applause] from the fighting state of arizona, grijalva. [applause] from texas, congressman doggett is here with us. [applause] congressmen to chair a -- becerra. [applause] and someone working hard from new y
the letters sent to president obama and the republican senator, roger wicker of mississippi, those letters are suspected to have been tainted, to have been laced with the poison ricin. it can kill. you ricin. the fbi has arrested a man in mississippi in connection with this case. his name, paul kevin curtis, and he also is an elvis presley impersonator of all things. officials across the nation are looking for more suspicious letters even as we speak right now. chris cuomo watching all of this. just outside the cathedral of the holy cross, where the interfaith memorial service will take place, chris. >> all right, thanks, wolf. people lined up since 4:00 in the morning. the name of the service is called healing our city. clear gee from all over boston. political dignitaries here, archbishop sean cardinal o'malley will be here, and the guest of honor, president obama and the first lady. the life of the dead is put into the hearts of the living. this allows people to come together, share in their grief. i'm joined by jessica yellin and john king. this is a message that will have big importan
sent, one to senator roger wicker and one to president obama. both were intercepted. there is an arrest. paul kevin curtis according to the justice department. he was supposed to be in district court. he could face up to half a million dollars in fines, 15 years in prison if he is convicted. we're waiting for the latest fbi update. that comes 5:00 and we'll have it live. back to you. david: should have stuck to his elvis impersonations. thank you very much, rich. liz: thanks, rich. david: our next guest says the spring swoon hit the markets but there is a way to protect your portfolio from further losses. he will tell you how to do that yet. liz: six companies making their stock market debuts. three companies are pricing lower than expected. is this the start of a rougher second half of the year for ipos or will which see a comeback? we love to hear from you. you remember we talked about google glasses. google begins shipping them, google glass, this week. $1500 a pair. david: chief at half the price. >> such a deal. log on to faceboo let us know if you think
. . >>> updating breaking news, an arrest in the ricin case. recapping two letters. one sent to u.s. senator roger wicker, the other to president obama, each containing the same writing, the same cryptic phrase each tainted with ricin. both being tested in the army's bio warfare research lab at ft. diedrich in maryland. joe johns joining us and dana bash joining us, as well. dana, you've been talking to your sources, getting more information on how all this went down. what have you learned? >> i've learned from a law enforcement official here that they have been actually tracking the man who was arrested for some time, because he had been sending letters to senator wicker, this is not the first time. it had been going on for a while. so i'm told they gave the information that they had -- that they collected. they collected a record on this individual to the fbi, and the fbi was able then to go down to tupelo, mississippi to make this arrest of this individual today. and, again, this is -- this man was arrested in the case of sending what they still believe to be at least initial positive tests of
you. >> reporter: two letters, one to president obama, another two roger wicker, showed initial positive results in field tests. the letters never reached the white house or capital. >> the mail sent here is screened and the tests are taken at remote sites to mitigate the risks. >> the first was stopped then miles from its target to capitol hill. the second letter to the white house was intercepted six and a half miles away on a military base on the outskirts of d.c. a third post office sorting facility suffered possible contamination to its filtering system from an unknown source, ten miles from downtown washington. protections including air sensors at screening centers, set up after the anthrax attack in 2001, that killed five americans and injured 17 others, it happened just after 9/11. today's apparent attempt, so close to another incident of domestic terror is an eerie reminder of those frightening days. >> the letters to the problem and the senator were both signed with the initials k.c. which matches the name of the man arrested in tupelo, mississippi. diane? >>> and now
on monday that he had sent a message through bill richardson who was in caracas to president obama saying let's talk. is that true? we'll see. my sense is that he's not -- and i agree with you a little bit, i think, nicholas -- he's not up to the job if he really only got half the vote. that is not something that is going to make for stin presence in the presidency. >> charlie: for the most part he would carry on the policies of hugo chavez. >> i think he would except that a lot of economic reforms have to be undertaken very quickly because the economy can't continue the way it is among other things giving gasoline away. they can't go on that way. >> nick raised the question of ideology. it's important to note that the opposition it wasn't an election about ideology. the opposition, what was fascinating about it is it ran on a comain to administer it more efficiently. they accepted the social missions. they accepted even the foreign policy. dressed in red. he was in some ways praising chavez and saying that maduro wasn't worthy. he see it wasn't an election about ideology but an election
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